Members who live or work near San Francisco (or can travel there)

We are looking for chapter members who can travel to San Francisco willing to participate in small intimate round table discussions.


These discussions will be with: state senators, Diane Feinstein and Kamala Harris, and Congresswoman Pelosi, or their representatives, on a monthly basis. 


Once a month there is a day meeting for each of the 3 representatives. TWS has been invited to the table to bring attention to current environmental policy, habitat, and species concerns. Scheduling will be dependent on number of interested members. Please contact us if you would like to join us.


Representing our chapter to your representatives -- EMAILS


At the February 2018 Western Section Annual Meeting in Santa Rosa,  our chapter table had our first sign-ups for this easy and immensely helpful task.


We are looking for members (and can include members of other chapters) who are willing to send email letters provided to them highlighting TWS environmental concerns to their elected California Representatives in the area codes where they live. 

CA Representative      District             Offices in:

Anna Eshoo                  18                    Palo Alto, Santa Cruz 

Eric Swalwell                15                    Castro Valley

Jerry McNerney            9                     Stockton and Antioch

John Garamendi           3                     Fairfield, Davis, Yuba City

Ro Khanna                    17                    Santa Clara

Remember that for each person that signs up, that counts as one email,  one voice, for our chapter. The more of you that sign up to help, the louder our chapter's voice is for our elected representatives.

Representing our chapter to your representatives -- MEETINGS


If you would be willing to meet with your California Representatives when they are working their home offices, please let us know. 





2018 Accomplishments:  Members who said they were willing to meet with our Representatives were given the opportunity to in August, when Representatives were working from their home offices for that month.


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