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April 2017- May 2018:  A chapter member contacted the Conservation Affairs Committee about Santa Cruz Cotani-Coast Dairies Properties. The property is now owned by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) with California (CA) state-listed Species of Special Concern (SSC). The member thought the SSC were not being protected on the site. Discussions began in April 2017 with the BLM land manager, supervisor, then BLM headquarters followed by discussion with CDFW headquarters Habitat Conservation Branch Chief.  


Outcome: BLM has an agreement signed on 10/15/18 with CDFW for mitigation and restoration. The BLM is cooperating for protection of CA SSC, no need to add CA SSC to the BLM E-T species list.




10/17-8/18: There has been a  coyote den in the Santa Cruz mountains on a  rancher's main breeding pasture on Mid-Peninsula Open Space Land. Our chapter strives to help alleviate human-wildlife conflict issues, and followed this story through.

Outcome:  On 8/2/18, we considered this affair resolved. Our Conservation Affairs Committee Chair provided options to deter the coyotes from using the den following breeding season so that the coyote will den elsewhere. Near that property there is a lot of open land options for dens away from cattle and sheep.

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